"Fantastic product - love it."
Simon Lilly

About Us

CheckDog is a web-based application that reviews a web site and reports back on spelling errors.

Our History

During March 2008 the founder of CheckDog made a casual comment about how "it would be really good if we could automate the spell checking of some of our clients' websites." Our developers took on the challenge and developed a prototype over the weekend.

We invited one of our clients into our office and we gave him a demonstration of the prototype. The CheckDog prototype identified several significant and many obscure spelling mistakes on his site. Our client was very impressed.

The next day we branded the product and contacted TechCrunch - the famous start up blog - to tell them about our new groundbreaking product. Within 4 hours TechCrunch ran a story on us and beta tester registration requests started coming through thick and fast.

Our Technology

CheckDog has been designed with one goal in mind: to make it extremely simple to keep websites free from spelling errors. We have developed our spellFOCUS spelling engine to help identify genuine spelling errors and minimise false positives. Our aim was to build a system that would provide immediate value without complex configuration of custom dictionaries or require human intervention.

Contact Us

CheckDog is proudly brought to you by the awesome team at 89n. You can find more information about us on our Contact Us page.

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