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Hi Melon Guys, I have been using the CheckDog site and tested about 15 of our sites..my comments...GREAT WORK I have had very positive feedback from my clients who have been impressed “How we care about their content” So quick, easy and a real win win.
John Hadfield
Hi, Just getting to know your service, and I have to admit it's impressive and extremely valuable (especially for a company like us, that is mostly non US-based, but US-focused).
Yanay Zohar
Really impressed!!
Ed Wilde
Very, very cool. The daily scan worked great and the report it mailed me was perfect.
David Barrett
Thank you soooooooo much for such a fabulous tool!! One of my sites contains over 500 pages. I couldn't even begin to know where to start as my development software could only handle spell checking a page at a time.
Susan Tyson
WOW! what a brilliant service. I cant believe nobody has come up with this before. Thanks - the Aussies do it again :)
Awesome tool! I am so sold. It is sooo usable.
Niclas Reimertz
Fantastic product - love it.
Simon Lilly
Fantastic tool that found a few mistakes on blog posts, keep up the good work this is an awesome tool.
Azzam Sheikh
Richard Johnson
...the BMW of the online spell checking...
Georgios Kiragiannis
I get it, I love it, I want it!
Jason Calicanis

Shaun Callahan
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